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One Mistake Women Make When Cooking Moi-moi That Is Capable Of Affecting Their Reproductive Health

Infertility is among the problems most married couple face. This condition though has been on the face of the Earth from the beginning of times but this article shall open your eyes to a common mistake women make when cooking moi-moi that can possibly lead to this condition.


Moi-moi is a Nigerian steamed bean pudding that is made from a mixture of washed and peeled beans together with some other ingredients like salt, pepper, vegetable oil, tomatoes, eggs in some cases after which they are heated by pouring in a nylon or cellophane bag then, put in a pot of already boiling water.

The use of nylons is highly discouraged as it is an unhealthy option that can result to series of undesirable results. A lot of women make the mistake of using it in preparing their foods as many of them do not know the implications.

Nylons are products of a hydrocarbon known as polyethylene and when heated can produce dioxins according to this source. These dioxins are chemically related compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants.

They are carcinogenic in nature, meaning they are capable of causing cancer to the human body and coupled with that, long-term effects of these compounds in the body can lead to a number of complications including an impairment in the reproductive system according to WHO and this can result to infertility.

Therefore, inasmuch as it is always way easier and faster having the mixture of your beans and ingredients with water poured into a nylon, it is much healthier and advisable using the local leaves meant for it. This is the leaves used by our grandmothers and we should not allow technology lead us into a health depreciating habit capable of haunting us sooner or later.

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