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Simple Steps To Freeze Food Right While Saving Time and Money

A well-stocked freezer can help you save time and money by making it easier to prepare delicious meals and snacks. Make the most of the space in your freezer. We'll show you how to do it!

Here are some time-saving freezer meal suggestions

1. Make extra food on weekends and freeze it for the upcoming busy week. Cooked ground meat can be used in meat sauce, bean-and-beef burritos, tacos, and other dishes.

2. Freeze food in batch size of 4-6 portions or less to defrost quickly. Each container should be labeled with the date and the number of parts it contains.

3. Place meat in freezer bags from larger packages. Separate the pieces so they may freeze independently. This makes removing the required amount of pieces much easy.

4. Using frozen veggies and fruit from the grocery saves time on washing, peeling, and dicing. Squeeze the air out of the bag and seal it tightly with a rubber band or twist knot before returning it to the freezer.

5. Freeze marinated meats for tasty meals. While the meat is thawing, it will marinade.

Here are some budget-friendly freezer meal ideas

1. Stock up on foods when they're on sale and freeze the extras. Lean meats on sale or reduced-price whole-grain breads can be a nice bargain.

2. Make your own “frozen dinners” that are both healthful and convenient. It is less expensive than store-bought alternatives or eating out. Use a technique known as "batch cooking." Prepare a large batch of your favorite dish, such as corn chowder, beef stew, lasagna, curried chicken, fish cakes, or meatballs, then divide it into small or medium containers. Then you'll be able to pull out a container for dinner whenever you're ready.

3. Use what you have in your freezer before it goes bad. Move older goods to the front of the freezer and fresh items to the rear. Before you freeze anything, mark it with a date so you recognize what to use first. To find out how long food will last in the freezer, you can browse online for a perfect freezing chart.

4. Buy seasonal veggies and fruit in bulk and freeze the extras for up to a year. It's a fantastic way to eat locally all year!

5. Fruit and vegetables that are frozen are just as nutritious as those that are fresh. If you're preparing for a small household or won't be home to prepare, frozen foods can help you avoid wasting food.

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