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How to prepare Edo black soup

Edo state with its state capital in Benin in mid Western of Nigeria is a rich cultural center full of exquisite cuisine and magnificent artifact, the state is blessed with abundant natural resources and intellectuals, they have a great array of some delicious delicacies, such as the yummy black soup, sweet yam tuber of giant sizes, snails, plantain plantations and cassava starch known in our local parlance as Garri. Edo state is blessed with alluvial plain land and soil good for agricultural crop and animal this article I'm going to enumerate on how to prepare the delicious and yummy black soup known to Edo people

Follow me as we embark on how to prepare this soup and the ingredients needed for it.

Black Soup


-Bunch of Scent leaves 

-Bunch of Pumpkin leaves 

-Bunch of Uziza (hot leaf)

-Bunch of Ebeewuwa

-Bunch of bitterleaf (parboiled before use)

-Palmnut extract(optional)

-2/3 Cooking Spoon palm oil

-Cubes Seasoning


-Periwinkles (optional).

-Dry bony fish pieced

-Handful crayfish blended with the leaf

-Locust beans

-Goat meat or your preferred choice of meat. 

-Blended fresh peppers


Choose three from the listed leaves. Some persons make theirs with just one leaf (bitterleaf). If you want to take this soup to another level then endeavour to add any of the listed leaves aside from pumpkin leaves.

 Cooking directions:

-Wash, blend the leaves with the crayfish and pepper to a smooth paste using water.

-If using bitterleaf boil with potash and rinse it before blending

-Cook the meats with water and add the blended leaves to the meat stock

-Add palm oil, salt, pieced bony fish, seasoning to taste

-The consistency for the soup shouldn't be a bit light and not thick.

-For that real taste of this soup choose from scent leaf, Uziza, bitterleaf, ebeewuwa.

You can best enjoy this soup with semovita ,akpu ,garri or pounded yam.

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