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5 colourful Nigerian dishes you should try making

1. RICE AND BANGA SOUP: Banga stew or Ofe Akwa is the native of the Niger Delta and South Eastern part of Nigeria, it is prepared with assorted meat, pepper and tomatoes paste and fresh palm oil extract. Banga stew is eaten with white rice.

2. AFANG SOUP AND FUFU: Afang soup is common in the southern part of Nigeria, it is a special delicacy of the efik and ibibio tribe. Afang soup is eaten by hand with processed cassava, traditionally known as fufu.

3. PLANTAIN PORRIDGE: This dish is a very nutritious Nigerian delicacy, it is prepared by simmering plantain until tender in a flavourful broth alongside assorted vegetables and fish or meat.

4. JOLLOF RICE, FRIED PLANTAIN AND FRIED CHICKEN: Jollof rice is a very popular dish that originated from West Africa, it is prepared by simmering parboiled rice in tomatoes paste. Jollof rice is eaten with fried plantain and frieed chicken.

5. EGUSI SOUP AND POUNDED YAM: Egusi soup is popular in Western Africa, the soup is thickened with ground melon, gourd or squash seed. Egusi soup is traditionally eaten by hand with pounded yam, similar to mashed potatoes but heavier.

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