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Opinion: check out photos of wonderful soup made from palm nuts fruit.

God blessed humanity with intelligence and a good thinking capability to be able to make use of natural things he created for thier own benefits. This includes refining crude oil into petrol, kerosene, diesel etc, but most importantly, we are able to make recipes of different dishes from natural plants.

Every part of the world have a unique dish peculiar to them, although not eaten by them alone as other interested people from all over the world can decide to try them out. In Nigeria,the people of Delta State are best known for thier delicious Banga soup made from Palm nut fruits.

I believe a lady shouldn't proudly say she is from Delta state, if she can't prepare banga soup. This soup is a wonderful one as it's taste is compared to none when rightly prepared. It could be eaten with rice, eba, semo, fufu, pounded yam, starch etc depending on choice. If you haven't tasted Banga soup, you are missing alot. Preparing Banga soup properly is one of the significations of a proud lady from Delta state.if you can't prepare it yet, it's not too late to learn. Click the link below for procedures.

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