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Meet The Robot That Can Cook And Clean

Before now, there have only been gadgets to help in every step in the cooking process. Now, there is a robot that can handle all of them.

Moley Robotics Kitchen is a ceiling mounted device which the London based robotics company Moley claims can cook over 5000 recipes and even clean up after itself when it has finished cooking.

It took about six years to fully develop and is centered around two robotic arms, gliding along a track which is installed in the kitchen ceiling. They each have articulating hands that are capable of recreating movements and actions of professional chefs, which are stored in its memory.

By 2017, it was only able to make one dish but now, it comes preprogrammed with thousands of recipes for dished. All you need to do is to select what you want to eat on a touchscreen, and allow it to prepare it for you.

There are still skills it hasn't mastered yet, though. Though it can break an egg, it can't peel potatoes or cut carrots. You'll need to do a little preparation yourself and put the weighed ingredients in its smart fridge. The price starts from about $335,000.

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London Moley Robotics Kitchen


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