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Do You Enjoy Eating Rice On Sundays? Then You Need To See This.

When it comes to Sunday, it is almost like a tradition that every household regardless of their ethnicity, cook and eat rice.

This rice tradition started when rice was seen as a special meal and of a higher expense to prepare,so having it on Sunday was seen as a special treat, which made it look like any Sunday without rice was strange.

Rice is also rich in carbohydrate and helps you gain weight, rice is also a celebratory food so most people consume it on Sunday as a special meal.

History has it that rice was introduced to Nigeria as a foreign food and presently, several states in Nigeria produce rice. But due to its high consumption it is still being imported in large quantities.

Having seen it that it is the most consumed meal on Sunday we need to know tips for choosing good and healthy rice before consumption;

1. Paying attention to the color of the rice

2. Paying attention to the rice texture

3. Select rice that does not stick or squeeze

4. Carefully observe the rice appearance

5. Make sure the rice does not have lice

6. Make sure to buy from a trusted seller

7. Be careful with cheap rice

8. Bite the rice to test the quality of the rice

9. Choose rice that is clean and not mixed with impurities.

Content created and supplied by: Chidinmachimezie1 (via Opera News )



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