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Why Cross Was Unable To Tell The Difference Between A Papaya And A Pawpaw

Cross during his Hawai soap presentation read out the ingredients that make up the soap and came across words like Papaya and Apricot. He asked Angel what Papaya and Apricot are, and Angel told him that they are fruits.

The answer given to Cross got him more confused because the Papaya in question is what he knows as Pawpaw, so could not tell between the two, and the reason why Cross was unable to tell the difference between these two fruits is what I will explain today so that you also have a clear understanding of what you consume.

Colour And Taste: The first thing to know is that Pawpaw and Papaya are different fruits. One of the main confusion is that the two look alike. The Papaya which is known and grown as Pawpaw in Nigeria is an oval-shaped fruit that has an orange to reddish color when pilled while the Pawpaw which is grown in the eastern part of the US and Canada has a yellow color when pilled and has a sweet taste like banana.

Papaya Is Reddish Or Orange In Color Depending On How Ripe It IsPawpaw Is Yellow In ColorSeeds, Vitamins, And Minerals: The Papaya is filled with uncountable tiny seeds that are black while that of a Pawpaw is big and countable. While Pawpaw contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and zinc, that of Papaya has vitamin A, C, and little quantity of Vitamin B1,2,3 and 5.

Papaya SeedsPawpaw SeedsThe Pawpaw and Papaya have similar looks but have distinct properties. That was why Cross was unable to tell the difference between the two. The essence of this article is to help fruit lovers to have an idea of what they are putting into their stomachs. Both fruits are nutritious and should be consumed consistently especially for people that have bowel problems.

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