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Do You Eat Raw Noodles? See Why You Have to Stop Before it Becomes Too Late

Personally, I love eating raw noodles. Most times, I could even take it in place of a snack. But, then, I just discovered that there are many bad effects and disadvantages on why you have to stop eating raw noodles. I will be sharing that with you in the course of this article.

Noodles can be dangerous because some of the substances or ingredients contained in it can disrupt the blood flow in the body. Usually, companies would only write down the nutritional value of instant noodles in the label, but leave out the harmful effects. That is the more reason why you should reduce the intake of noodles, and totally avoid eating raw noodles.

Below are the reasons why you should stop eating raw noodles:

1. It causes Diabetes

Consuming raw noodles every day or most times can increase blood sugar levels. If you continue to consume instant noodle without cooking it beforehand, it will trigger the emergence of diabetes, because it contains high levels of sugar.

2. It can cause wound on the intestinal wall:

When noodles are consumed raw, the preservatives and salt present in it can cause wound on the intestinal wall which can later decrease the quality of bowel performance.

3. It causes cancer:

One who loves eating raw noodles can be at risk of getting Cancer. The ingredients present in the noodles may turn into toxic ingredients if eaten raw, without going through the boiling process. These preservatives are able to trigger cell growth into abnormal cells that slowly turn into cancer cells.

4. It Causes Damaged Tooth:

Raw noodles can easily damage the teeth because the perservative material and sugar in it might remain between your teeth and can become a nest of bacteria. If this condition is left unchecked, it can damage the roots and tooth layers.

5. It causes constipation

Eating of raw noodles can cause constipation, and that, is in no way healthy.

Those are five major reasons why you have to stop eating raw noodles before it becomes too late.

Content created and supplied by: MaryVivian563 (via Opera News )

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