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Checkout The Main Ingredients Needed To Cook Egusi Soup

There is still little time left in this year for you to learn a few things about our Nigerian soups, the cooking process and the necessary ingredients and condiments, this article is one that satisfies one aspect of what you need to learn about soups and the soup in this case is egusi soup, the popular egusi soup that most of us eat.

Egusi soup is not really a hard one to cook and you need to just get some things right, well luckily this article offers a little of that. When I say a little I mean just the ingredients that you'll be needing, check them out below;

*Egusi (melon)


* Periwinkle

* Meat

* Fish

* Palm oil

* Salt

* Maggi

* Pepper

* Tomatoes

* Onion

* Crayfish.

These ingredients are all important and they highly contribute to how delicious the soup will taste eventually, if one can get these ingredients available then it is almost equivalent to having cooked 50 percent of the soup. Well I said almost, to make your soup delicious you need to rightly combine these ingredients and do this in the best way possible.

Egusi soup has many nutrients to offer and just the vegetables alone which is one of the ingredients used to prepare the soup does its own bit of contributing to the total nutritional value.

Egusi soup can be consumed with a good number of foods and the bulk of them being swallows, like eba, pounded yam, semovita, wheat, fufu etc. Other foods like rice can be eaten with egusi soup and be really enjoyed.

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