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Not Every Time 'EBA' Check Out 10 Types Of Swallow You Can Eat Instead {PHOTOS}

Keto meals are parts and parcel of the average Nigerian Diet, So much so that the common Nigerian diet are filled with so many different swallows that you can mix with a variety of Nigerian meals.

We have listed ten delicious swallow that you can eat along with Nigerian soup dishes.


whole wheat is a highly nutritious swallow that is popularly eaten along with Banga soup, as well as so many Nigerian soup dishes.


Fufu Is a popular swallow that is made from fermented Cassava that is eaten with a wide variety of nigerian soup

Pounded Yam:

As the name infers pounded yam is a swallow that is prepared from mashed yam and it is one of the most loved Nigerian swallows.


Semovita is a whole swallow made from wheat, with a different color is & taste.


This is a whole swallow more popular in Nothern Nigeria and is prepares from marched rice.


A western Nigerian keto meal more commonly combined with EWEDU.

Cabbeba -

This is an exotic swallow that is made from blended cabbage, vegetable & cassava.


This is a perfect blend of cassava balls & the fruit beet root.


Starch is a swallow commonly combined with the Banga soup Dish.

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Fufu Keto Nigerian Yam


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