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Are you having difficulty in planning a balanced diet for the week? Say no more!

Just print this and paste it on your kitchen wall

Below is an easy sketch...


BREAKFAST: potato creeps with mamador spread (Banana)

LUNCH: Jollof rice + Beef + Coleslaw ( Desert: Ice cream / soft drink)

DINNER: Fruit salad ( Tomato + Broccoli + Chicken)


BREAKFAST: Sandwich / Green tea (Apple)

LUNCH: Beans + Plantain (Grapefruit)

DINNER: Local Coconut Rice ( Pineapple)


BREAKFAST: Yamarita / Boiled yam / Potatoes + Fish sauce ( Dates)

LUNCH: Semo / Tuwo / Eba + Edikang Ikong Soup ( Apple)

DINNER: Beans + Garri ( Grapes)


BREAKFAST: Bread + Jam Spread (Watermelon Smoothie)

LUNCH: Wheat meal + Egusi (Orange)

DINNER: Boiled Corn + Pear


BREAKFAST: White Rice + Fish Stew ( Watermelon)

LUNCH: Beans Pottage (Water)

DINNER: Semo / Pounded Yam / Eba + Okra Soup (Orange Juice)


BREAKFAST: Banana Pancakes (Orange Juice)

LUNCH: Pounded Yam + Bitter leaf Soup (Carrot)

DINNER: Chicken / Fish Pepper Soup


BREAKFAST: Moi-Moi / Akara / Okpa + Pap (Pawpaw)

LUNCH: Fried Rice and Ram Meat (Zobo Drink)

DINNER: Plantain Pottage (Banana).

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Apple Banana Coleslaw DINNER Desert


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