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Meet The Actress Who Looks Very Young and Healthy in Her 80s, Checkout Her Secrets

Meet The Actress Who looks Very Young and healthy in her old age, and some secrets to her look.

Annette Larkins is an actress who was born on January 13th, 1942. She was born in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

She got married to Amos Larkins Jr in 1958 when she was just sixteen years old. They both have two handsome boys together, Amos and Anthony Larkins.

Annette looks younger than her age and her secrets is very easy to follow. She didn't use creams or makeup or any chemical. It was all natural.

Some secrets is that she avoids eating late at night. She doesn't eat before noon and when she does she begins with a fruit or a green. Unlike most of you that eat Eba at 10pm and doze off leaving the food undigested.

She takes salads for dinner, and fruits too. She could have nuts, avocados or even wheat.

She doesn't play with exercises. Most of us are just too weak to exercise. Exercise helps you burn a lot of fats especially if you are the type that always stay at a place.

You don't even need to go to the gym, just run up and down your staircase a hundred times and you are good to go. You can divide the number if times in sections to make it more easier.

The fact that she has lived this long is Grace of God quite alright, but she contributed immensely to it. According to her, her parents died early so she doesn't want history to repeat itself. She kept eating more of vegetables and fruits and not canned food.

Avoid chemicals and junks, place yourself on a diet today. Eat more of cabbages, green and fruits and watch yourself glow like Jennette.

See her charming pictures

She is doing well for her age.

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