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Weird food combinations that might make you never want to combine food again

Morning guys, so today am going to be showing u some pics of weird food combinations

Here they are, hope you don't puke

Ever tried eating a pizza shaped chocolate with icing shaped like a worm??

Ever thought of eating a Funazushi although it has a bizarre look and surely a texture to match, but this fish dish is a delight for some Japanese folks who crave something culinarily

Or eating noodles with beer

Or eating baked macroni in an hamburger........weird but delicious

Uh.. Pear😋 and....... What??

Ugh gotta go back🏃🏃😪

God... Is that wat I think it is

Y in the world wld someone even think of eating intestines

Well this doesn't look bad

#hot banana

Hope he doesn't eat it like dat

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And we've reached the end of our list

Feel free to tell which freaked u d most

Have a good day

Stay safe, stay blessed

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Funazushi Japanese Pear


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