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Incredible Way To Prepare Your Oil Beans Sauce Popularly Known As (Ugba) In Igbo. Yummy!

Oil beans ( ugba) is very nutrienous and nourishes the body , it gives protein and improves healthy skin .

It is called Ugba in Igbo

It is called Ukana in Erik

It is called Apara in Yoruba and

It is called Ukpaka in some other parts of Igbo

Oil beans can be prepared in various ways either by making it as a yam sauce , plain ta in and potatoes sauce or you can even prepare it and eat it like that.

Ugba has a unique and appetitive taste .

Look at the simple way I prepare mine .


1. One big size of smoked or dry fish

2. Fresh garden eggs (sliced)

3. One cooking spoon of tatsaha

4. Fresh pepper (sliced)

5. 6 tbsp Palm oil ...or 2 cooking spoon

6. One Bulb Onion Finely chopped or sliced

7. Ground crayfish

8. One cube Seasoning cubes to taste

9. Salt to taste


1.Wash the smoked fish with clean water. Remove the bones and gut, rinse clean and keep aside.

2. Rinse the Ugba 3-4 times with clean water and set aside.

3. Heat the palm oil in a pan.

4. Fry the onion which has been sliced already .

5. Then add the pepper.

Note : Fry a bit till the pepper is properly cooked.

6. Next, add crayfish and seasoning to taste.

7. Add the smoked fish .

8. Add your Ugba, garden eggs and water and cook till the fish and garden eggs are soft. Allow the water to dry up.

8. Your delicious meal is ready.

Finally You can now serve with boiled yams or any other staple dish of your choice.

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Fry Igbo Ugba Ukana


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