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Stop Wasting your Money, Make your Plain Yoghurt at Home in Just 5 Steps!

Yoghurt Starts with yoghurt but just a spoon of it. Then you'll need some pints of milk, a thermos flask and a couple of hours of no work whatsoever. Thick, creamy tangy yogurt with no effort. Here are the basic needs and steps.

What you'll need and why

1. Starter yoghurt

It might seem unproductive to buy yoghurt to make yoghurt but this is only necessary the first time. You can use the remaining yoghurt from the first batch to make another one and so on like that. Look for yoghurt that has the words 'live' or 'active' cultures on the packaging. These are the organisms that will convert your milk to yoghurt. Another tip to keep in mind is to make sure it's plain yoghurt. Anything flavoured will taste absurd in your home made batch.

2. Milk

You can use raw, pasteurized, semi skimmed or whole milk. Whole milk will give you a thick, creamy yoghurt.

3. Equipment

You will need a thermos flask to keep your milk cosy while the bacteria does the job of converting it into yoghurt. If you do not have a thermos flask, use a pot with a lid and keep it somewhere warm- an oven would work. You will also need a pan to heat the milk, a spoon, fork and a container to store your finished batch. Now to the making process.

Step 1

Add 2 tablespoons of your already purchased yoghurt in a thermos flask.

Step 2

Heat 1.1 litres or 2 pints of your full fat milk over a medium heat source until it's almost bubbling. Stir it often so it doesn't catch on the bottom. After a while, leave it to cool. You can stick your finger to check if it's still hot.

Step 3

Pour a splash of your heated milk into the thermos flask and stir well to mix it with the yoghurt. Then pour your remaining milk while stirring gently.

Step 4

Put the lid on immediately and put aside for at least 8 hours. It is very important that it is not moved during this period so keep it out of sight.

Step 5

After this period, open the flask to find your tangy, delicious and creamy yoghurt. Store in containers or jars and keep them in the fridge. You can keep it for as long as the regular ones you buy at the store.

You too can see that it's very easy and affordable. You can add sugar in the process if you want it to be a lot sweeter. If you have any questions, ask below and I'll answer as many as I can.

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Thanks for reading!!

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