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Never Throw Away Leftover Bread, See 5 Delicious Meals You Can Make From Leftover Bread

Do you always have leftover bread in your home and don't know what to do with it. This article is for you, here are five meals that you can make with leftover bread. They are easy and simple recipes.

1. Meatloaf

Meatloaf is very delicious and tasty. You can make a meat loaf with the leftover bread in your home.

Ingredients for making meatloaf.



Meat (Ground beef)

Brown sugar



Mustard powder

Some ketchup

Directions for making meatloaf.

Put the ground meat, break the egg, add milk, leftover bread, and mix it.

Then, add salt and pepper to taste. 

Next is place the mixture in a loaf pan.

In a different bowl, mix the mustard, ketchup, and brown sugar.

Then, pour it over the meatloaf mixture.

Finally, put it on the oven and bake it for at least an hour.

2. French toast

French toast is a delicious and easy meal to make with leftover bread. 

Things You need to make the French toast


Vanilla extract

Stale bread


Cinnamon ground

Directions of preparation.

Beat the egg in a small bowl.

Mix and stir the cinnamon, vanilla extract, milk inside the egg bowl.

Put the slice of leftover bread in the mixture.

Put oil or butter on a pan on the stove.

Now, put the coated bread on the pan.

Heat on medium heat until it is brown.

3. Bread Crumbs

The ingredient for bread crumbs is only bread. Gather all the leftover bread in your house and let's get started.

You will have a blender. 

Method of preparation

Firstly, cut the leftover bread into very tiny pieces. 

Then put it on a flat and big tray.

Next is to put the tray in the sun or place it on an oven.

When the leftover bread is dried up, you can crumble it with your hands or grind it in a blender.

Since it doesn't come with a fine powder, put it on a sieve to make very fine. This is how you made homemade bread crumbs. It is easy and simple.

4. Bread pudding

Bread pudding is one of the easiest and simplest methods you can use your leftover bread. It is so delicious and you will love it. You can also make it with fresh bread if you like.





Ground cinnamon

Vanilla extract



Directions for making bread pudding

First, heat your oven

Second, is to break the bread into pieces.

Third, drizzle the margarine or butter over the bread.

After you finished this, break the eggs, put the milk, sugar, vanilla, and mix it in a small bowl.

Once you finished with this, dig the bread inside the above mixture until it is well covered.

Lastly, bake the bread on the preheated oven.

Method of preparation

5. Bread salad

Arrange your regular salad ingredients in a small bowl.

Cut the leftover bread into pieces and place on the salad.

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