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Ladies, No Need For Hip Enlargement. This is How To Get a Curvy Figure

Do you want to gain weight, especially in the right places? Then, this post is surely for you.

You'll need just 3 major ingredients:

1. Bananas: Bananas are highly recommended for weight gain as they contain a reasonable amount of fat.

2. Honey: This is a healthier alternative to sugar. There's about 17.3g of carbohydrate in each scoop of honey. The energy source is stored in our bodies in form of fat and sugar. It contains abundant energy sources, helps to increase weight by effectively storing sugars in the right places.

3. Avocado: They are calorie dense (contain large amounts of calories). It's also a good ingredient for weight gain. Just one avocado contains about 29g of fat and 17g of fiber. They're high in vitamins, minerals and so on.

Method of Preparation

*2 medium sized banana

*1 medium sized avocado

*1 tbsp honey + a glass of milk

Peel your banana. Cut into your blender.

Add 1 tbsp of honey.

Slice the avocado into the mix.

Then, add milk.

Add a little amount of water and blend till mixture becomes smooth.

Finally, our smoothie for weight gain is ready.

In 2 weeks, you'll see positive results.

Since you've gone far in reading this post, we've got a bonus tip for you:

Add booty exercises like squats, buttocks workouts and lunges to this routine. Believe me, it works.

Thanks for reading!!

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