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Learn How To Prepare Your Strawberry And Water Melon Fruit Juice

I love making fruit juice because I get to enjoy the freshness and chilled nature of the naturally made fruit juice. To prepare a fruit juice is just that easy as one just need his or her desired fruit to make a desired fruit juice. I love trying out varieties of fruit juice and they happen to come out great. I remember mixing fruits I never liked to the ones I liked and they gave me a wonderful and sweet taste. Fruits are very vital to the body system and I advice we make them become part of us. Today, I will be introducing Strawberry and Water Melon fruit juice. Your ability to pick out a sweet fruit determines how sweet your fruit juice will be without adding any flavor.

To Prepare this fruit juice, one just need strawberry and water melon Fruit. Below are simple guidelines you need to follow to make this fruit juice

1) Wash your strawberry and pour Into your blender

2) Cut your water melon, peel out the back and try removing the send. cut into small pieces and put into the blender too.

3) Add little water into the blender and blend the content

4) pour out the blended fruits and sieve with fine sieve to separate the juice from the pulp

5) Pour into a container and fridge to your desired temperature.

I never knew this fruit juice will turn out great till i gave it a trial. Follow our page and get all on our latest updates. Comment on the article and share to other platforms.

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Strawberry Water Melon Water Melon Fruit Juice


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