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Many people probably don't know the English names of these popular Nigerian fruits

There are a lot of things we were thought in both primary and secondary schools but not all will be taught in class. Here are English names of some popular Nigerian fruits.

Today I wish to enlighten you on both the scientific name and the correct English names of these fruits.

these fruit and vegetables have a traditional name

1: tiger nut

the Hausas call it “Aya”, Yorubas call it “imumu”, the igbos “ofio” or “aki Hausa”. The Spanish call it Chufa and make a drink called Horchata de Chufa from it. Interesting right.

2: Black Velvet tamarind

the black vevlet tamarind is known as Tsamiyar biri in Hausa, known as icheku in (igbo) and awin in (Yoruba). It has a black velvety thin shell with an orange “powdery” pulp covering a tiny hard seed.

while in Ghana it is called yooyi.

3: Baobab fruit

igi ose

The Baobab, popularly called igi ose among the dominant Yoruba speaking populace of Kwara State is widely distributed and is found in all parts of the state.

(KUKA in Hausa) or (Miyan Kuka)

Baobab fruit is a nutritious edible fruit and it's seed powder is utilised on foods because of the nutrients and also serve as natural preservative. It is commonly consumed in northern part of Nigeria

4: Tropical almonds

The hausa calls it (Yadda ake faɗi), The youruba calls it Ofio, The igbo calls it OgaMadam

Considered as a fruit, it can be seen in the southern part of Nigeria

5: The star African apple commonly known as agwalumon (Hausa), (yoruba) or Udara(Igbo).

Some calls it African cherry.

Content created and supplied by: Iyiadetaiwoayodele (via Opera News )

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