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Prepare Catfish Stew With These Simple Steps

Catfish is a type of fish that can be found in a fresh water habitat and this fish is very delicious when prepared,there are various ways of preparing catfish,but the most common is the catfish pepper soup,which can be found at restaurants and bars.

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Catfish Stew is undoubtedly a very unique type of stew,because it requires a level of experience to prepare,that's why in this article I'll be teaching you some easy steps you can follow when preparing this stew.



• Seasoning cubes (Maggi,Knorr,etc)

• Salt

• Fresh pepper

• Tomato sauce

• Onions

• Thyme


• Palm Oil

First Step

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Get a chopping board and chop your onions and set it aside,then get your catfish and cut it into smaller pieces and after you have done that,boil water and pour it into a bowl and add salt with the pieces of fish (this process enables the slimy part of the catfish skin to be removed and it also toughens the fish skin to prevent it from separating when boiled).

Second Step

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Get a pot and turn up the heat of your gas cooker or stove,then add a decent amount of palm oil and allow it to heat up and after it has heated up,you can add the chopped onions and allow it to fry for about a minute,then add the tomato sauce and allow it to boil for about 5 minutes.

Third Step

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After the sauce has boiled,you can add your thyme,curry,seasoning cubes and salt and stir to help them combine well with the sauce,then allow it to boil for about a minute,then add the catfish and allow it to cook for 15 minutes and your catfish Stew is ready to be served.

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