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How to start toast bread sandwich business with at least 10000 Naira

Business that people take for granted are the most profitable venture. People take special interest in new things, take a look at sharwama, it was a big hit when it started and people still consume it till now. Later people took interest in pizza, which they still consume till now

Toast bread sandwich is a delicacy itself, even the mouth watering aroma when it is being prepared, two slices is enough to satisfy an adult.


• Knife

• Tablespoon

• Small bowl

• Toaster

Note: a new toaster is sold at 7200 naira


• Sliced bread - 1

• Eggs - 4

• Pepper

• Seasoning

• Onion

• Groundnut oil or butter


• Step 1: clean the toasting machine with a clean cloth

• Step 2: coat the insides of the toaster with a little groundnut oil or butter

• Step 3: whisk the eggs on a small bowl

• Step 4: chop the Onions and pepper into pieces

• Step 5: Put the chopped condiments (onions and pepper) into the bowl containing the whisked eggs then stir it vigorously

• Step 6: preheat the toaster

• Step 7: take out two slices of bread

• Step 8: use the spoon to scoop out some of the mixture, then spread it evenly on the bread

• Step 9: bring the bread slices together, and carefully place it on one slot of the toaster, do the above technique for another two slices then place it in the machine then lock it through it's handle lock

• Step 10: some of these machines have a timer, which is illustrated through colour changes

• Step 11: once your machine changes colour for the second time, it is done, so unlock the machine and remove the sandwich

• Step 12: Try it with the other slices, and serve for consumption or package for sale

Making profits (Practical reference)

Lets say a named loaf of sliced bread is sold at #500 and contains 30 slices, 4 egg at #30 per one is used to prepare the delicacy and each piece of toast bread sandwich which is made with two slices can be sold at #100 or #150.

After selling the whole loaf you will gain at least #1500 or #2250 depending on the price you sell. So let's assume you sell up to 10 or 15 loaves of sliced bread, that is up to #15000 or #22500 per day, that means you can gain your capital in a single day.

You can set up a stall in a busy street or junction, you can also set up at a busy motor pack. Market your produce to friends, families and neighbors. Everyone started small, even big time restaurants and pizza outlets, with time you may set up big.

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