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Do They Eat The Same Food We Eat? If Yes, Why Are Their Bodies This Flexible (Photos)

Do They Eat The Same Food We Eat? If Yes, Why Are Their Bodies This Flexible (Photos) 

Definitely anyone who sees the photos of these flexible bodies below will begin to wonder if they really eat the same food we feed on. Although some people feel it isn't possible but I think it is after surfing the internet to find some facts and realistic pictures of people like them.

Sometimes I wonder why these people are this flexible, and I also wonder if they eat the same food we eat, the reason I'm being astonished is because all I eat is rice, beans, and cereals and I'm sure if this can make one's body become this flexible, I would've got a more flexible body like theirs.

There was even a time I tried it out with my friends but we had to stop after realizing that we couldn't do it; not even half of it because if we'd tried harder, it's either we break one of our hind limbs or forelimb or even both as it is a strenuous exercise. I give kudos to those people with flexible bodies.

Or is there any drug for such? If there is, kindly recommend.

How can a human being that share the same air with me be this flexible and am still plumpy and cannot even jog a long distance, or bend let alone folding myself like one of them did.

While some was inborn, some had to go through some rigorous trainings and exercise. I'm sure they make huge money from their skills too.

Here are the pictures:

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