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The Best Diet Treatment Plan For Stroke Is Achieved When You Include This Meal In The Plan

Agidi jollof is a corn meal packed with other vitamins and minerals that are good for the body(both young and old)

Aside it's delicious unique taste, other benefits of this meal are the nutrients it has(previously stated), and the cheap rate at which it is made or purchased.

Major health benefits of agidi jollof is it's effect on blood pressure, weight and pregnancy.

But before we get into the health importance, I would like to teach us on how we can prepare a nice tasty agidi jollof. Read on and enjoy.

Ingredients are:

1. Corn starch or you buy akamu/ogi/pap

2. Fresh or dry pepper

3. Brisket bone(popularly known as buscuit bone)

4. Tomatoes (fresh or tomatoes paste)

5. Ground Nut Oil

6. Onions

7. Uma leaves

8. Big Cray fish

9. Salt and seasoning to taste

As I always usually say, Prepare your Ingredients:

1. Blend your fresh Tomatoes, onions and pepper to form your paste for the jollof

2. Dice your onions into preferable size

3. Season your brisket bone in a pot and bring to boil

4 wash your uma leaves and set aside

5. Wash your big crayfish, soak in hot water and set aside

Frying Your Tomatoes Stew

1. Place a pan on the fire, allow to dry and add your ground nut oil, then let it bleach

2. Add you diced onions and fry

3. Fry your tomatoes, pepper and onion blend dry

4. Season to taste, allow to simmer for some time and bring down and set aside

Preparing Your Agidi Stew

1. Place your pot of brisket bone on the fire and allow to simmer, add your fried tomatoes stew and stir under low heat

2. Add your seasoning to taste and dry pepper(if you want add little)

3. Bring down and set aside

Preparing Your Agidi paste

1. Pour your corn flour in a pot and add cold water gradually to avoid it forming balls("Koko")

Note: If you are using raw pap, mix with cold water as if you want to prepare the akamu(make sure you mix in a pot)

2. When you are done mixing boil water and pour the hot water into your akamu mixture, stir and pour gradually

3. When you notice your mixture is beginning to get thick or is already thick, transfer to the stove and continue stirring

4. After few minutes, add your fried Agidi Stew and stir properly. Add enough stew so it can have a fine color and do not add your brisket bone yet

6. When you have mixed properly,add little water and your big crayfish, simmer(under low heat) for some minutes so it will cook and the stew will sink into the agidi

7. After few minutes of steaming, stir properly, get your washed uma leaves,scoop your agidi into the leaves, place your brisket bone inside and wrap

8. Set your wraps aside, and allow to cool.

Serve and enjoy your agidi jollof. So so yummy!

Health Importance Of Agidi Jollof

As I mentioned earlier,now that we know how to prepare our delicious agide, let's get to know it's health importance

1. High in Potassium Which Is Good For Your Blood Pressure

Agidi has a very good potassium level and this is good for Hypertension. Potassium helps regulate your blood pressure and makes it normal.

This makes it one of the best diet treatment regimen for people who suffer from stroke

2. High in Fibre which Helps in Weight Loss

Fibre aids digestions and is good for the digestive system. It is easily absorbed by the body and digested fast, this prevents food retention and aids good metabolism thereby improving weight loss

It also has a healthy caloric content

3. Good for The Eyes

Agidi contains phytonutrients and antioxidants that are good for the eyes. One good example is lutein, it is good for the eyes and prevents cataract formation.

4. Good for pregnant women because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals

5. Good for Children

Agidi is a light meal and is best to use when introducing soilid food to your child and trying to stop breastfeeding (weaning)

These are just a few of the health benefits. The first two points as previously stated makes it good when included in the diet plan for the treatment of stroke.

Thanks for reading, hope you will start this new week by making this healthy sumptuous agidi jollof for you and your family.

Kindly like, share and comment or ask questions if any

Stay blessed

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