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Every Man Should Take Note Of These While Eating Okro Soup

Every Man Should Take Note Of These While Eating Okro Soup

Every man likes to eat Okro in one way or the other. In Nigeria, most Igbo men like to eat Okro soup so much. As the matter of fact, I usually hear some of them calling it there favorite soup.

Well, With no doubt, Okro soup is a very delicious soup that no one can even say no to. When it’s being well prepared, you can even eat beyond your stomach level.

But then we should always know that, good and sweet things mostly have side effects. And this time, Okro as a fruit also have a side effect to men. So I advice that most men should take caution while consuming Okro especially in soup.

“Okra is good. It's a good plant. It has a lot of vitamins and fibre, but in the seed of the okra is a substance called gossypol, which is detrimental to sperm count if eaten in sufficient quantities.” Men should know that excessive consumption of Okro can lead to Infertility. So let’s take note on that and control the way we consume it.

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