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Don't Drink Water Before Meal If You Want To Quickly Gain Weight

Being tiny and petite can be annoying to some young or middle age women due to a lot of reasons. A lot of women want to look chubby so that people might think they have more than enough to take care of themselves.

According to research, the rate at which people consume suppliments that will make them grow in weight is high. And the truth is that these suppliments are dangerous.

There are natural ways that you can add weight without using drugs. Let us look at these ways.

1. Do not drink water before meal: it is true that water is good for the body, and there is no problem in drinking water often, but the reason why you should not drink water before is because you wont be able to eat more.

The only way you can gain weight lies in quatity and quality of food you eat. You have to be able to consume food very well so that you can have more calories.

2. Eat very well: As i have said earlier, no food, no weight, so you have to eat very well. The secret of your fatness lies in how you eat very well.

3. Take Milk: Milk is proteinous and it has a lot of calories, for you to gain weight, you have to take milk that is high in calories.

4. Banana shake: Banana is very good in gaining calories. It is easy to eat and get. You can eat it normally, or mixed it with milk by turning it to a shake. You will not regret trying this.

5. Use bigger plates: It sounds funny but the truth is that if you use bigger plates to eat, it will increase the rate at which you consume food. You will be forced to continue eating even if you want to stop, because you still have left over.

6. Always Sleep: You can not be multi tasking and think that you can gain weight, you have to have time for your body and sleep a lot. Sleeping regularly will make you flesh to relax without burning any fat.

Sleeping very well will aid your digestive system, and you tend to digest food easily and consume another one.

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