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Fight belly fat with these four foods today

 Alot of us don't know that it is very easy to reduce belly fat from the food we eat as I let you know today, I hope you can eat more of these foods. They are very easy to get too. 

1) Yogurts: All of us loves yogurt because of it's creamy and yummy nature, but what we don't know is that it helps in reducing belly fat. Yogurt has a combination of carbohydrates and proteins that helps to stabilize insulin. Insulin is an hormone that tells our body to store calories as fat.

2) Avocados: These are really easy to get and we sometimes eat it with bread and it tastes really nice. Half of one avocado contains 10 grams of healthy mono saturated foods that stops the blood sugar spikes that tell your body to store fat around your midsection.

3) Citrus: This contains alot of vitamin C and it is very easy to get Vitamin C products like oranges and pepper. What we don't know is that citrus helps in removing 30 percent fat during exercise, so make sure to take alot.

4) Oat and barley: Alot of people likes oats and it can serve as a wonderful side dish too, but we should know that it is a belly fat burner today. Oats and barley are really rich in soluble fibre and they do not rise blood sugar as much as white and brown rice, so make sure to eat alot of oat and barley.

All these are different foods that can help you reduce your belly fat and I hope it works for you as it has for me too.

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