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Hibiscus Tea: It improves skin, hair, liver

Hibiscus tea is made by brewing dried petals of hibiscus flowers. It is known for its various health benefits. Hibiscus is loaded with immune-boosting Vitamin C and Antioxidant-rich anthocyanins that help neutralize free radicals.

Hibiscus tea contains flavonoids that reduce the absorption of fats. If you sip on a cup after dinner, your body won't be so quick to cling to the unwanted fats from your hearty meal.


Improve Liver Health

The liver is a key organ in the body that helps rid the body of toxins. For that reason, anything that supports a healthy liver is extremely important. Hibiscus tea has an amazing ability to flush the liver. It can fight off potential liver disease and even cure it if it has occurred.

Human and animal studies have found that hibiscus extract may benefit liver health by increasing drug-detoxifying enzymes and reducing liver damage and fatty liver.

Healthy Skin And Hair

No matter your age, healthy skin and hair is often a sign of good health. Hibiscus has proven benefits for improving health on the inside.

Consuming hibiscus tea regularly may be beneficial for calming sensitive skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and making your skin look toned, hydrated, and refreshed.

Antibacterial Properties

Hibiscus tea doesn't just look or taste like cranberry juice, it also has the same healing properties.

Like cranberry juice, hibiscus works wonders for getting rid of and preventing urinary tract infections (UTI).

Relieve Anxiety

Hibiscus tea has minerals like flavonoids and vitamins makes it an amazing way of reducing anxiety and depression by giving the body and mind a relaxed sensation.

Promotes Weight Loss

If you're looking to lose some kilos to get back in shape, then hibiscus tea can be of assistance along with your workout routine.

A study noted that hibiscus tea doesn't just help in weight loss but also reduces body fat. Moreover, it can also help prevent obesity.

Full of Antioxidants

You need antioxidants to fight free radicals which are compounds that cause damage to our cells.

Hibiscus tea is full of antioxidants that boost overall health. These antioxidants help stave off free radicals that can cause oxidative stress in the body. Drinking hibiscus tea can help prevent these free radicals from damaging healthy cells.

Packed With Vitamins

Hibiscus tea contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals that boost immune health. Hibiscus tea contains large levels of Vitamin C, which can help you fend off the common cold and flu.

Vitamin C also helps convert cholesterol to bile acids, helping to lower bad LDL cholesterol. Vitamin C can also prevent allergic reactions and fight infections.



 Hibiscus flowers and tea are generally recognized as safe, with no known serious side effects.

Some people develop allergic reactions, such as itchy red eyes, sinus, when consuming hibiscus tea. Hibiscus may lower the blood sugar levels so it is best advised to consult your doctor if suffering from diabetes or planning to undergo surgery.

It is not recommended for people who already have low blood pressure or hypotension. It may cause faintness, dizziness, and can even cause damage to the heart or brain if consumed by anyone with low blood pressure.

Hibiscus tea is not recommended for pregnant women. Consult your doctor if you are taking any medications before using hibiscus tea.

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