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How to Prepare Catfish Pepper Soup

If you have ordered a bowl of catfish pepper soup at the restaurant, you will agree with me that the price is not always friendly. Even though there are no shortcomings when you compare the price to the taste, you won't lose anything by learning how to make it yourself. You can make one for your family or present it to friends and relatives when they visit. Read below for the recipe;


Catfish(about 500g)

Calabash nutmegs(4 seeds)

Scent leaves

One large red onion bulb

Powdered crayfish (2 tablespoons)

Two seasoning cubes

Chili pepper and salt to taste.


Cut the fish into a one-inch thick slice or any shape you like. Wash and put in a pot, then set aside.

Add the pepper, onions and calabash nutmegs.

Boil water and pour in the pot containing the fish. Rinse the water to remove any foul smell.

Add then the powdered crayfish and allow the contents to cook for 10 minutes. Shred the scent leave and add to the boiling fish and reduce the heat. Add the seasoning cube and salt to taste.

Serve with any chilled beverage.

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Catfish Pepper Soup


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