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Start your pizza making business even without oven

Many people don't realize that making pizza without an oven talk less of making it at home is possible. This article will show you how to make your yummy pizza without an oven but with a stove. Are you tired of spending money on pizza orders? Do you want to start a pizza business today but don't have enough capital to buy an oven? Then this article is for you.

You'll be needing ingredients for the dough and ingredients for the toppings.

For the dough

300g of flour


Half a cup of warm water

5g of yeast

Liquid Milk

Salt to taste

Olive oil

3 eggs

For the toppings

4-6 tablespoons of pizza sauce

200g of mozzarella cheese

Grilled chicken


Vegetables like mushrooms,olives,sweet corn etc.

Steps to make your yummy pizza

1) After you might have washed your hands, you begin with dough making. In a bowl, mix salt and flour. In another bowl, dilute the yeast in little water then add olive oil. Pour your salt and flour into the yeast, water and olive oil mixture. Stir very well until all ingredients are properly mixed.

2) Kneading of the dough: remove the dough from the bowl and transfer it to a flat, clean and well dusted with flour surface. Knead the dough until it becomes smooth and elastic. When you have achieved desired results, place it back in the bowl and cover it. This will increase the size of the dough.

3) After some hours, the dough will be ready for making the pizza. Stretch the dough and manipulate it into the shape of the pan you'll be using. Don't make it larger than the pan.

4) Add your toppings. Start with the pizza sauce, then the mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken(optional), vegetables of your choice, then add your pepperoni. You can sprinkle some oregano or chilli pepper but that's completely optional.

5) Turn on the gas cooker and regulate the heat to a medium degree. It is important to cook a pizza without oven slowly so that the underneath won't get burnt while the top is raw. Cover the pan.

6) Leave to cook for about 30 minutes. Your delicious pizza is ready for consumption or sale depending on your choice for making it.

I hope you'll start a successful pizza business today.

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