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4 popular Nigerian fruits you probably don't know their English names i bet you don't know number 2

Nigeria is a country blessed with so much fruits which have high nutritional values and help to keep the body system healthy. There are some fruits which are popular in Nigeria but their English names we don't know, as such we Identify them using their local name or better still the invented names. Let's educate you on the English names of these popular local fruits.

1. "Tiger nuts" which we commonly call Aya in the North, Aki in the East or Ofio in the West is commonly consumed in Nigeria. It can be used to make local drinks which we consume mostly during hot weather, this drink is popularly known as "Kunu Aya."

2. 'Licki licki' as we call it here in Nigeria is officially know as "Black velvet tamarind". This fruit is fortified with vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and help protect the body tissue. It's also called various tribal names like Icheku (Igbo), Awin (Yoruba) and Tsamiyar kurm (Hausa).

3. Our lovely 'Agbalumo' is known as "African star apple" in English. This fruit is consumed in nearly all parts of Nigeria and helps the body system with various minerals which aid in proper body functionality.

4. 'Shawa shop' as we all call it in Nigeria here is called "soursop" in English. This fruit has anti parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it wonderful in the treatment of parasitic infections and attacks.

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