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You Shouldn't Mix Watermelon With Any Of These 5 Fruits For This Reason

Food combinations are most times nice and if you're capable you can try some fruit combinations, the only issue you might have is combining fruits that aren't compatible for one reason or another, for you to combine fruits you ought to take some things into consideration, for example the acidity and sweetness of the fruits and so on.

Today it's about watermelon and there are a whole lot of fruits that should not be combined, mixed or eaten together with watermelon and before I tell you the reason for this, I'll show you a list of just five of the numerous fruits that shouldn't be mixed with watermelon.

1. Banana

2. Guava

3. Grapefruit

4. Strawberry

5. Apple

6. Orange

There are more fruits and if you observe closely you'll see that all the fruits mentioned are actually popular, now you may ask why these fruits should not be eaten together with watermelon and I'll simply tell you.

One of the rules of fruit combination is that melons always go with melons and not with other fruits. This is a pretty strict rule but the reason is what matters, the reason why you shouldn't mix any of the fruits mentioned above with watermelon is because watermelon has high water content and it is digested relatively fast, this is to say that watermelon may not digest well with the five fruits mentioned above.

Now that you've known this will you still eat fruit salads?


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Banana Grapefruit Guava Orange Strawberry


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