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See funny photos of different faces which will make you to laugh and forget your sorrows

Human beings are been created with different faces. Some are been created to have a big teeth or small teeth, big mouth or Small mouth, big eyes or small eyes,big legs or small legs, big ears or small ears but we are all beautiful and handsome because no one is ugly.

Many people ask themselves Why is my nose on the front of my face? But there is only one answer to that location helps my nose smell how delicious food is going to be or, likewise, that something that smells repulsive is probably not good to eat.

If an engineer had designed our faces, instead of snot rolling right down our face and into our mouth less than an inch away, it would have routed these fluids down some hose that would have drained, I don't know, out near my ankle. 

Looking at a set of photos, it's easy to say which we can find attractive but we know that we shouldn't judge someone based on their looks because know one is ugly.

Below are funny faces that could make you to laugh:

Content created and supplied by: JestyPrudent (via Opera News )


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