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If you are still thinking that Garri is a poor Man's food then you haven't seen these 30 Photos

Garri is a powdery food material flour made from the tuberous roots of the cassava plant, which in the process of its manufacture is changed into dry edible granules.

In Nigeria, once you tell somebody that you are drinking garri, they will think that you're not well to do financially. Drinking of Garri is somehow attributed to a poor lifestyle. This is because, most of the people that drink Garri are people who are Poor. The are two main types of Garri, the yellow one and the white one. The White one is what is common in most part of the country today.

Garri is not a Poor man's food, anyone can drink, it all depends on what you add to it that will make you enjoy it very well. Here are some Mouthwatering Photos of Garri

One of the main reasons while people take garri to be a poor man's food is that, people hardly add ingredients like milk, groundnut and sugar while taking it.

With these kind of photos that you have seen, you will agree with me that it's not a poor man food. You can see how Garri can be combined with the different kind of food, some with moi moi, fish, beans and so on.

So if you are among those that think that Garri is poor man's food, then you need to have a rethink, these photos are photos of Garri that have levels (Harvard Standard).

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Garri Nigeria White


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