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7 suitable dishes you can make with potatoes

Potatoes are stable food in Africa and the world at large. They contain essential nutrients that the body need for metabolism. Potatoes have various colours which can be found in different countries, but they contain almost the same nutritional values. Potatoes can be prepared in various ways that will make them enjoyable. Below are some of the recipes you can make with your potatoes.

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1. Potato salad

This is one of the easiest and delicious potato recipe you can enjoy. It involves cooking the potatoes and mashing them. The mashed potatoes can be mixed in mayonnaise and dressed with other veggies to make it more nutritious.

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2. Potato porridge

You can make sweet potato porridge by cooking the potatoes and add the necessary ingredients like pepper, onions and oil before it is mashed. It usually looks like yam porridge but the sweet taste contributes to its uniqueness.

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3. French fries

French fries can be made by slicing the potatoes and soaking it overnight. It is usually dried on paper towel before frying. This potato recipe is superb, you need to try it out.

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4. Baked potato

Baking have been considered to be an healthy method of preparing potatoes especially if one is avoiding too much of fat in oil.

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5. Boiled potato

This is the common method of eating potatoes. Potatoes are cooked and eaten with sauce.

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6. Fried potato

Many people enjoy eating sweet potato by frying and eating with sauce. This is a common street food in many places.

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7. Potato chips

Potato chips are common street snack that many people love to it. It is usually crunchy and tasty. 

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Have you tasted this potato recipes? You need to try them out to see how delicious they are. You can share this article with families and friends to also benefit from it. Thanks for reading!

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