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These foods have more protein than eggs

Peanuts/groundnut: Being a leguminous food, peanuts contains higher proteins than eggs; the also contain carbohydrates, heart friendly mono and poly unsaturated fats and nutrients that improves skin health such as vitamin E, folic acid (Folate), Antioxidants. It's is healthier to also eat the skin of peanuts together with the main nuts because the antioxidants which is needed by the body is contained in higher amount in the peanut skin.

Turkey meat: Apart from having more protein than eggs, turkey meat has a special type of protein called tryptophan which induces sleep and calms a person down. Turkey meat is recommended for people who are stressed out, fatigued and over worked.

Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is different from the regular Yoghurts because of its higher protein content, Higher probiotics ( gut friendly bacteria which helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine).

Chickpeas: This plant food which is suitable for vegetarians has Higher protein than eggs because half cup (1/2), provides 8 grams of protein while egg provides 6 grams of protein per piece. Ancient Egyptians consumes this plant food regularly.

Almond: Despite the fact that it's shunned due to it's high fat content, almond are very proteinous than eggs and it's suitable for vegetarians.

Hemp seeds: Despite the name, hemp seeds don't make someone High or hallucinate because the are from a different type of cannabis plant than marijuana. They are highly proteinous and three table spoons gives you 9 and half grams of protein.

Shrimps: You need just 4 ounces of shrimps to provide you with 17 grams of protein. Shrimps also contain other nutrients needed by the body and the are low in fats and calories and contain little mercury.

But however, the deep fried shrimp are not healthy due to high fat content, you can switch to the grilled shrimps which is not prepared with oil but only heated with hot air.

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