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5 tantalizing ways to prepare your beans

Akara pancake

Akara pancake is a delicious recipe made with beans. It is normally prepared in a frying pan with little quantity of oil. Akara pancake can be made with both fresh beans and beans flour. You can enjoy this delicious meal with bread, pap or alone as refreshment.

Dan wake

Here, beans flour is cooked into small round balls. Dan wake can be garnished with green veggies, tomatoes, onions, oil, ground pepper, seasoning and others to suit your taste.

Nigerian beans soup (Gbegiri)

Beans soup popularly called gbegiri is a Nigerian soup made with beans. It can be used to eat solid foods such as Nigerian fufu, pounded yam and amala.

Beans pudding (moinmoin)

Moinmoin is a Nigerian popular delicacy. It is made with beans or beans flour. Beans pudding can be used to eat bread, akamu and other foods of choice.

Agonyin beans

This is a delicious beans recipe prepared with special stew. It is a West African delicacy popularly eaten in Nigerian homes. 

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