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Check Out One Nice Way To Serve Your Guest Rice And Stew, I'm Positive He/She Will Love It

How will you feel if after visiting a friend in his house he hosts you like you are royalty? I've not experienced this before but I've been a host to a friend who later told me that apart from the food being tasty, he loved the way it was served. This is how important proper serving of food can be.

It is not enough to cook a delicious meal but after cooking such, there is an extra mile to go if you want to create the perfect impression in the mind of your guest. When it comes to food we all need to be very hygienic about it as there are different people with different characters, and being neat is not notorious for putting people off, rather being dirty can do the job just perfectly.

All this being said, there is a talk about how foods should be served and I might as well talk on the matter, hence this article.

Serving food has to be a crucial part of your cooking, it is important you know this and practice it as your guest's appetite can be affected by it, if you don't serve deliciously cooked food properly and neatly, some people might find it hard to eat.

Talking about serving food properly, I'll be telling you and in fact showing you how to serve rice and stew in a very presentable way, as I stated in the heading of this article, it is probably the best way of serving Rice and stew and I'm positive that your guest will find it lovely, maybe enticing.

After boiling your white rice and frying your stew it is left for you to put both of them on plates, this is where serving comes in. Putting rice and stew on the same plate is not a bad idea but there are other ways that will make the presentation look better, like serving the rice on one plate and the stew on another plate.

This is to say that the rice and the stew don't in any way mix until the guest starts eating, it is preferable you put the rice on a flat plate and the stew in a deep plate, put both plates on a tray, and serve the food to your guest.

This is probably the best way to serve rice and stew, I can't think of a better way to do it, this method makes the food highly presentable and neatly arranged, also, If for any unforeseen reason the food cannot be eaten, there is no harm as it will still be very presentable to others.

I'm positive that your guest will love it if you can serve him/her rice and stew in this way.

Well, that's for your guest, as a Nigerian, if you want to comfortably eat rice and stew then you can easily serve them on the same plate, as long as you're okay with it, I guess no one is watching. Feel free to also crack the bones of your chicken and lick your fingers after such a nice meal.

Have you eaten rice and stew like this before?

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