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Respite For Nigerians As Buhari Moves To End High Cost Of Food Items Currently Being Witnessed

Many Nigerians have been groaning due to high cost of commodities in the market especially food items.

As human beings, Nigerians need food to survive. But, as other things increase, the price of food has also been on the upward trend ever since. It has never gone down. The reason for this can be tagged to different causes such as high cost of production, high cost of farm inputs, high cost of fertilizer, farmers/herders clash which affects output, high exchange rate between naira and dollar, lack of incentives for farmers, high cost of labour among others.

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To this end, the prices of basic food items which Nigerians eat on daily basis like rice, beans, garri, spaghetti, noodles etc are now very high. Shockingly, the price of bread which is the easiest and readily available food for the common man has also skyrocketed. Nigerians have been groaning and calling all the relevant authorities to step in and do something to change the story to avoid the situation from degenerating. After all, a wise saying has it that a hungry man is an angry man.

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Buhari moves to end high cost of food items

At last, President Muhammadu Buhari seems to have heard the groanings of Nigerians. Irrespective of his political explanation to what might have caused the high cost of food items currently being witnessed, the most important thing is that he has revealed concrete steps his government will take to solve the problem.

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First, Buhari gave an immediate order to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to rehabilitate the National Food Reserve Agency. This agency will make sure that food items are made available to Nigerians in large quantities. As a matter of facts, the aim is put Nigerians first. This means that Nigerians will be given priority by ensuring that the food is available to them at cheap rate before anybody starts thinking of exporting food items.

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Secondly, there will be inter-agency collaborations to combat the evil activities of middlemen who hoard food items to create artificial scarcity and increase their price. To make this happen, Buhari also directed the Ministry of Agriculture to work with security agencies, the Nigerian Commodity Exchange and the National Assembly to combat the activities of middlemen who hoard food items and make the prices rise up. Their mandate is to make sure that the food items are made available in large quantities for consumers at a very cheap price.

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Finally, the President shifted attention to the problem of water scarcity which affect agricultural activities leading poor output. To this end, he disclosed that more water projects and irrigation facilities have been built to increase the availability of water for use and for agricultural purposes to increase output and reduce prices of food items. With this too, prices will drop.

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