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OFood Brand And The United Nations’ Millennial Goal Of Zero Hunger

Innovation is the mother of invention and if you can think it, you can do it. Every innovation or invention starts with a thought process aimed at satisfying a peculiar need. The same is true to the reality of O Pay brand. Man, as a living being needs some basic things for his daily sustenance and wellbeing, one of which is food.

One of the millennial goals of the United Nations is the eradication of hunger from the surface of the earth. In one of its resolutions, it introduced the Zero hunger challenge, meaning absolutely no one should go to bed hungry due to lack of food or wake up hungry for the same reason. It is in line with this global goal that one can conveniently say, heralded the drive and birth of O food. As an essential need of man, it has been projected that food intake should be a three times daily affair.

How well a man feeds depends largely on what he has in his pocket. But with the prevailing economic challenges that have been stifling the earning capacity and spending power of the generality of Nigerians, it is gradually becoming a herculean task to have three decent square meals a day. All that seems to be fading off or gradually becoming a thing of the past as the Opay brand has come to the rescue, with its OFood platform to take hunger away from the homes of several millions.

This feat is being achieved with the aid of technology, through the OFood App.

It is a chain business, and as such has a multiplier effect. It is, and has been a win-win situation for the Opay brand, the participating food vendors and the consumer, spiraling down to the rural farmer who experiences a surge in demand for his produce.

 For the food vendor, it has been nothing short of an astronomical rise in daily sales and patronage, with some employing more hands to meet up with the demand. For the consumer, the beauty lies not only in eating freshly prepared food at a cost you can’t get anywhere else but having his meals subsidized, sent and delivered to his doorstep at no extra changes. A lot of people have wondered how the initiators of this service break-even while offering a highly subsidized processed food service. The obvious answer can be found in the huge endorsement and advertisement that come with the downloading and usage of the Opay App.  

According to findings, a user of the App can place order for food not more than twice a day, with a caveat; the more order one places, through constant usage, the more offers of freebies which come in form of coupons which can be used within a stipulated time to further augment your purchase as you deem fit.

With this novel idea, many dead and comatose businesses have been revived and given a new lease of life and opportunity to grow the number of people taking advantage of OFood growing daily with hunger drastically reduced.

Content created and supplied by: MikeAngelo (via Opera News )

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