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7 Foods that you can still eat after it has expired

No need of throwing away foods that have expired,some of it might still be good after it has expired. I compiled these list of food for those who manages their Foodstuffs during the coronavirus pandemic because of inability to purchase new one due to the impact of the virus in our economy. Let's check out those foods that can still be consumable after it has expired below.

1. Honey

Even if for this product there is no expiry date, the law requires producers to give indications on its duration. In this case, the indication is to be used preferably within the time limit. This indication refers to the date of minimum durability, i.e. the date by which the honey retains its properties.

Consuming honey beyond its expiration date does not pose any health risk. Honey can be stored for a very long time. High temperatures and exposure to direct light accelerate ageing, but it never becomes harmful to health.

2. Frozen Foods

Among the expired foods that can be eaten, frozen foods could not be missing. For this type of food, you can go 3-4 months beyond the date indicated on the package.

To avoid risks, however, frozen foods must have been stored correctly and continuously in the freezer.

3. Eggs


Eggs are also part of the wide range of expired foods that can be consumed after the expiry date. Tests carried out show that after one week after the expiry date their consumption is still safe. Of course, they should be kept cool and their shells intact.

To be safe, simply immerse them in water and watch them sink. If they float, do not eat them.

4. Canned Food

Peeled tomatoes, tuna, sardines, mackerel, corn, beans, chickpeas and many other canned food products can also be eaten a few months after expiration. However, the cans must still be intact and not exposed to high temperatures.

These products are packaged in a sterilized environment so they can be consumed 3-4 months after their expiry date.

5. Chocolate

For some people, it is unthinkable to let chocolate expire, as it is usually a food that lasts a short time in the pantry. In any case, chocolate can be kept for up to two years from its expiry date: it will certainly have a less intense taste and will be less fragrant on the palate.

If you don’t want to eat it like this, or if you don’t trust it, even in this case you can use it for the preparation of sweets.

 6. Pasta and rice

Also in the case of dry pasta and rice, we are talking about foods that can be consumed up to one year after the expiry date shown on the label, provided they are stored properly.

The expiry date of these products usually varies from 2 years to 2 and a half years, but even if consumed after many months they do not create any kind of problem.

7. Coffee

Coffee is also part of the category of expired foods that you can eat. As with many other foods, it is listed on the packaging to be consumed preferably within. This means that coffee can be consumed up to 6 months after the date printed on the packaging.

In this case, it is likely that the coffee has lost some of its aromas but is not dangerous to health.


Content created and supplied by: Motive_chris (via Opera News )


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