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2 Simple ways to make Ice cream

Ice cream is a dessert made from frozen sweetened cream or a similar substance(usually flavoured)eaten as snack or desert. Ice cream can be made from milk or cream flavoured with sweetener such as sugar or other spice such as cocoa or vanilla. 

There are different types of ice cream flavours from Vanilla to Chocolate, Strawberry,banana nut fudge etc Ice cream is very easy to make all you just need to do is relax,carefully read and understand the procedures below as every step counts


500g of Double Cream or Heavy Cream,200g of Condensed Milk,1Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

Method of Preparation 1

Pour all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix with an electric mixer or you can also also a manual whisk and mix till it become stiff though you have to be careful not to over mix. Pour the contents into a resealable container or a bread loaf pan. Cover TIGHTLY with the lid and freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight. It’s advisable to cover with parchment paper first before attaching the lid. This stops ice crystals from forming on the surface. Enjoy!

Method 2


Whipping Cream or Heavy Cream,Sweetened condensed milk,Vanilla extract (or any flavour of your choice). Since you are using Sweetened Condensed milk, you don't need to add sugar, but if you are using fresh milk, then you should add some sugar and egg yolk)


Pour the cold Whipping cream into a bowl and whip for about 3 minutes using an electric mix on high speed and mix until it becomes stiff. In another bowl, whisk together the condensed milk and vanilla flavour. Mix properly the whipping cream and condensed milk vanilla extract mix in a bowl. Pour into an airtight container,cover it and store in a freezer overnight. Your Vanilla flavoured ice cream is ready! 

Enjoy !

Ice cream can be eaten with spoon or licked from edible cones. It can also be served with other other desserts. 

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