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The Delicious African Soup That Will Give You A Flat Tummy

Recently, I wrote an article on a soup that makes you add weight, here is the link below:

Then in the comment section two people requested for a soup to give flat tummy. This prompted me to go and do my research and I saw a soup that can give this desired effect. Somebody should clap for me 'joor' lol.

Ok, so this soup is very common and is made up of spices that burns fat, especially low abdominal fat.

I can't say it is satisfying and it's definitely not everybody's favorite soup. The name of the soup is Okro soup. Yes, our very own okro can help in burning your belly fat. Amazing right?

Aside this, the Spices used in Preparing it also have fat burning attributes. This article will quickly teach you on how to prepare this soup and how to use it to get maximum medicinal and tummy trimming results. Read on and enjoy



Pepper Soup Spices

Dry pepper


Ogiri opkei

Dry Fish

Goat meat


Uziza leaves(little)

Salt and seasoning to taste

Prepare Your Ingridrients

1. Blend your ogiri, dry pepper and crayfish and set aside

2. Grind your Pepper Soup Spice(if you did not buy the processed one from the market) and set aside

3. Wash your dry fish with hot water and debone

4. Rinse your periwinkle, and remove the sand

5. Wash, season to taste and boil your goat meat.

6. Wash and dice your uziza leaves

Prepare Your Okro

1. Wash your okro and use your knife to dice into bits


2. Wash your okro and grate

Cooking Your Okro Pepper Soup

1. In a pot add your boiled goat meat, washed dry fish, blend of crayfish, pepper and ogiri, stock or water( to desired quantity) and bring to boil

2. When it has boiled, add your pepper soup spice and seasoning to taste then allow to simmer for sometime

3. Add your diced or grated okro

4. Taste to know if any seasoning adjustment will be required, add water or stock to taste and stir your okro

Note: Okro is a vegetable, do not overcook it, but because it is stronger than green leaves you allow to boil for a longer time than green leafy vegetables

5. Add your diced uziza leaves and stir, leave for 2-3 minutes. Bring down and enjoy

How To Use This Soup To Trim Belly Fat

1.Your purpose of Preparing this soup is a medicinal one, so you don't eat with any swallow.

Note: if you must use swallow use a healthy and light one like amala or Eko

2. After Preparing Your soup you dish and eat, the way you take Pepper Soup

3. Gives best results when you take it as your dinner

4. Take this soup at least 3-4 times in a week

Thanks for reading. Kindly like, share and comment or ask questions if any.

Stay blessed

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Delicious African Soup Ok


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