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Are you tired of Fish stew? Try out this amazing Snail stew

Are you tired of Fish stew? check out how to prepare this amazing snail stew.

Many people are used to the normal fish stew and this may make them lose interest in the stew as it had happened to me before, so I decided to try out a new spice by making snail stew and trust me it was superb, so I decide to share and teach people who might be in my shoes on how to make this amazing snail stew, so sit back and enjoy 😊.

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Now back to business...

Snail stew has its own unique flavor and it has numerous health benefits. It is one of the easiest and affordable meat alternatives because snail can be found anywhere. Snail is similar to white meat, packed with lots of vitamins and minerals that are good especially in children and elderly people.

So how do we prepare this??

Firstly the Ingredient required include:

1. Snail

2. Alum(for washing the snail)

3. Fresh ball pepper.

4. Shombo

5. Tatashe

6. Tomatoes

7. Onions

8. Dry fish

9. Groundnut oil

10. Salt and seasoning.

So the next thing is to prepare the ingredients...

1. Wash and blend your fresh pepper, shombo, tatashe, tomatoes, and onions.

2. Blend the remaining tomatoes.

3. Wash your dry fish with hot water and salt and remove the bone.

4. Wash your snail : If you want to wash the snail thoroughly follow these steps;

Pour the snails inside water and boil, this is to allow easy removal of the snail from the shell.

(Note: If you can't remove the shell you can ask them to do this for you in the market)

After removing the shell massage the snails with salt, this is to remove the slime(thick mucus), also it will make the snail dry and strong as the salt will remove excess water from the snail. After using salt for a while make sure you discard all the slime, then soak the snail inside little quantity of alum (don't use too much alum), after some time uses the alum to wash all the part of the snail, use your knife to cut it open a little and wash the inside with alum, this will remove all the slime and make the snail not to draw again. After you have done this, the snail is ready to be used for cooking.

So to the cooking;

1. Place a pot on the fire.

2. Allow the pot to dry, then pour vegetable oil, leave for some seconds, then pour your onions and fry for some mins, then pour the snails too and fry for some mins.

3. Add the blended pepper, stir well and mix with the snails, then allow it to cook for some time.

4. Reduce the heat and add the dry fish and seasoning to your taste. Leave it to cook under medium heat.

After these, your snail stew is ready to be served with rice or anything you want.

You can add vegetables to make it more nutritious.

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Content created and supplied by: Dave_Adewale (via Opera News )

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