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How To Boil And Peel Eggs Neatly

I want to teach you all how to boil Egg.

First of all, you need raw Egg(s).

When you go to the shop to buy Egg,

They may want to sell a boiled one to you, but insist on getting a raw one.

After all, you want to boil the Egg, not warm it, right?

Before you leave the shop, make sure you inspect the Egg for cracks. If it has any crack, please return it. You don't want to boil cracked Egg, do you? 

Finally, after all your checks and inspection, pay the N50 and leave the shop. 

Now, to the business of the day

When you get home, make sure you wash the Egg thoroughly, it may have Chicken poop on it or saw dust.  

Put the clean Egg in a pot of water, say 2-3 cups (Please don't break the Egg).

Then put the Pot on fire. 

People will say let it boil for 5mins, let it boil for 15 mins. Please allow that Egg to boil for like 45 minutes o.

The Eggs hens are laying nowadays, it's as if they are resistant to heat. 

After 45 minutes, remove the Egg and put it into a bowl of cold water.

Let it sit there for 5 minutes before you peel. 

You can take your boiled Egg with, Noodles, Rice, Spaghetti etc. 

Thanks for your attention in today's lecture

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