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PHOTOS: See 7 Quick Ways To Identify Original Olive Oils.

Olive oil is the juice extract gotten from/by pressing olive fruits found on olive trees.

Olive oil as a natural liquid has a wide range of uses which includes; dressing of salad, frying and also beauty purposes.

However, it is quite unfortunate that we can't really trust the quality of the few Olive oils we see in grocery stores.

Majority of us are not really aware of the fact that there are several methods that we can use to easily verify the genuineness of a bottle of olive oil.

Based on what experts said, the best method of verifying the genuineness of this oil is by the taste. Although, this method is not feasible because we have to purchase the oils before we can be able to test/verify them.

Moreso, there are quite a few presumptions about the best olive oils being made in Italy. These presumptions are true, but that is not enough guarantee that we are going for the pure/best olive oil.

Therefore, in this Article, I have compiled 7 Quick Ways To Easily Identify A Pure/original Olive Oil;

1. Taste & Smell: Pure Olive oil smells very fresh, peppery, fruity and natural.

2. Don't buy cheap olive oils, and also don't fall victim to the high cost of the olive oil because its high price doesn't necessarily mean that it is of a high-quality.

3. Check for where the Olive was made from. Australia and Chile are known to have the most stringent laws guiding the production of olive oils.

4. On the bottle of the oil, you should also search for a third-party certification seal because it is a sign of quality.

Examples of Certification seals are the Certified Extra Virgin from the California Olive Oil Council and the PDO seal(Protected Designation of Origin).


5. Ignore the "best by" and "bottled on" dates on the bottle of the Olive oil, because, most of the dates written there do not have any legal standard back-up

6. You are advised to also look out for the "harvest date" or "estate name" because most/all of the low-quality oils won't have them.

Moreso, most inferior/adulterated olive oils won't indicate the Free Fatty Acis Level(FFA) of the oil.[BONUS TIP]

7. The Most Important of them all is, you should NEVER buy Olive oil that is not labelled as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Any other labelling apart from that indicates a low quality oil.

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I Hope This Article Helps?

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