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Do You Still Eat Moi-Moi Made in Nylons, Read Why You Should Stop Eating It

Popular Known Nigerian Steamed bean pudding known as Moi Moi, is made from a mixture of washed and peeled blacked-eyed beans, coupled with some additives like fresh pepper, onions and processed by heat.

This food called moi moi is well rich in protein. This meal is one of the most consumed food in Nigerian and also it very easy to prepare and less expensive.

But the only issue with this food called moi moi is the packaging. It is packaged in different forms like in a leaf, stainless cups or nylons. But mostly we Nigerian packaged them in Nylons, which today's update is kicking against the packaging of Moi Moi in Nylons due to some health hazards the nylon contains.

According to an expect, identified as Mr. John Tehinse, he has clearly warned against the cooking of Steamed bean pudding (Moi Moi) and other similar foods in a Nylon. He is against it because of the health hazard the nylons contain. The nylons are known to produce dioxins, which is a toxic substance known to cause cancer to the human system.

The dioxins that are produced by nylons are most active when heated. So therefore, when you heat your moi moi that is been packaged in a nylon, there is a possibility that the dioxins will be effective, which may be contact your food, and when consumed, may cause health hazard like cancer or damage the reproductive system, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones in the human body.

It is advised that the moi moi should be packaged and cooked in the popular known traditional leaves because it doesn’t have any negatively effect to human body. Please beware of this effect and avoid cooking your moi moi or other meals in a nylon for your safety.

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