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These Are the 4 Dangers of Eating Bread. Please Don't Ignore

Bread is definitely one of the most consumed foods in Nigeria, it is very easy to buy and needs no hassle whatsoever to prepare it for consumption, as it was cooked before it was put out for sale.

It can also be eaten in conjunction with other meals such as beans, tea, soft drinks, butter etc. It has a very predictably delicious taste based on the purchased brand or flavor, but do you know there are some dangers that come with eating too much of it?

Below is a list of different side effects of excessive bread consumption

Irritation to the Bowel – It is highly advisable to stop bread consumption for people suffering from digestion problems, as it might be responsible for some of the symptoms you are experiencing due to the level of fructan content in bread. Wheat bread has been found to be the resulting factor of some abdominal pains or constipation experienced by humans.

Increase The Level of Bad Cholesterol – Wheat bread has been shown to be one of the causes of a 3-month rise in bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body by more than 60 per cent, and this may lead to heart disease.

Can cause type-2 diabetes – When the blood sugar level in the body rises rapidly, this leads to an increase in the blood stream of a high amount of insulin to push the sugar into the cell. As this happens all the time, cells tend to become insulin resistant and this makes it very difficult to regulate the amount of sugar in the body.

Could lead to Excess Weight Gain – Too much bread eating which is a carbohydrate increases the amount of sugar in the body which is then stored in the body as fat. As a result of how it helps with rapid digestion, it almost immediately makes the person consuming it hungry he / she is eating the bread.

For those who love eating bread this is not to say that it should be completely stopped. It simply means that your daily bread intake can be supplemented by consuming other healthy meals, so as not to fall prey to the side effects mentioned above.

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