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Easy steps to make fuel from spoilt fruits and vegetables

It's possible to make your own fuel at home from your garbage. The fuel that we use consume a lot of money especially during this corona period so why not make yours at home. This ethanol or alcohol fuel can be used to power fuel-flexible cars, trucks, motorcycles, generators, etc. Here's how to make your Own fuel at home.

1) Check your country's and State's laws on ethanol fuel

In order to make ethanol legally, you'll have to check the laws of your country and apply for written permission of legalized. Contact the governing body responsible for overseeing alcohol-related laws. Once it's legal, you're good to go.

2) Gather old fruits and vegetables for fermenting

Get all your spoiled or wasted fruits and vegetables from the trash and harness them to make ethanol. For best result, select sugary fruits and vegetables that are a bit spoilt. Commercial ethanol can be made from corn but you can get the same result from just about any other fruit or vegetable with naturally higher sugar content. Items like apple, banana, potatoes, sugarcane are higher on sugar than most other foods so they tend to give more natural ethanol.

3) Use a barrel or similarly big container to put your rotten fruits and veggies

Add your raw fruits and veggies until the container is 1/3 full. Take care not to fill your container more than halfway or it could overflow when fermenting that's why I suggest you use those big steel drums cause they've got alot of room. But no worries. I'd you don't have one, you can improvise.

4) Mash the fruits and vegetables with a blunt object

Mash your the fruits and vegetables inside the barrel with a blunt stick, wall broom handle or whatever blunt long object you've got. Keep mashing until it forms a mixture with a uniform texture and there are no large chunks remaining. This process will release more of its natural sugar as well as create room to add other necessary ingredients. Spoilt and rotten fruits or vegetables smell really bad so stay in a ventilated area and it would be best to wear your face mask😁😷.

5) Ferment your mashed up mix with yeast

Yeast is the best for fermenting due to it's strong anaerobic properties. Mix 1-2 packets of distiller yeast into your mix and then stare the mixture until the yeast is evenly distributed. As a general rule, you'll need to use 1 packet of year for every 20 pounds (9.1kg) of bio-material. Distillers yeast is a special type of yeast that is resistant to alcohol which makes it perfect for ethanol. You can find or in home brewing supply stores or online.

6) Add clean water to the top of the mixture and cover

The water level varies for bio-material but it should not be more than 1-2 cm above the content of the container. Use distilled or filtered water cause tap water night add some impurities. You could boil the tap water to make it pure and or also extracts more sugar from the fruits and vegetables. Cover your container with a lid or improvise with a garbage bag upside down over the opening and raping the bottom securely to block air. It is very important that your container is sealed very well.

7) Allow your bio-material to ferment for at least one week

Most times it would take between 7-10 days. During this period, avoid opening the container unless to monitor the process. The year would feed on the natural sugars and bring ethanol as the by product. use a hydrometer to check the sugar level of the mix during the fermentation process daily. You can buy your hydrometer where you bought you distillers yeast. Or if you can't, you can wait for about 7-10 days for full fermentation but it's better to use a hydrometer cause it could finish fermenting before or after the usual time

8) Transfer your bio-material to a reflux still for distilling

After fermentation, transfer it to a reflux still for distilling. If you leave your biomaterial without distilling for long, bacteria could enter and spoil the mix so it's best to do this as soon as fermentation is over. You could make your own reflux still by getting two metal containers and and drill a hole at the middle of the cover of each container. Get a flexible pipe or short hose and tape two cans of cold water around the center of the pipe and securely seal each end of the pipe or hose to each hole of each container. Leave no space open.

Heat the bio material on your still to separate the water from the ethanol. It involves heating the mixture to release the steam which would then be the ethanol. Since the ethanol is less dense than water, it will evaporate and re-condense at a faster rate than the rest if the unwanted liquid.

9) Mix 85% of purified ethanol with 15% gasoline to make fuel

This is the standard ratio to turn pure ethanol into a reliable fuel source. Mix the two in a clean glass can or a similar container and make sure you seal it afterwards. Once you've mixed the ethanol with gasoline, it can be used as only fuel. So please, Don't drink it. You may be required to use different ratios depending on the engine but 15 : 85 is the standard proportion.

10) To prevent accident store your homemade ethanol fuel at room temperature in a well ventilated area. Well, there you have it. Start making your own fuel today.

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