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5 delicacies from Efik cuisines you should try

Efik is an ethnic group located primarily in southern Nigeria, and western Cameroon. In Nigeria, the Efiks can be found in the present-day Cross River State and Akwa Ibom state. Efik dishes are mainly those sourced from the rivers that characterize their very existence. They are usually located at the river banks or creeks so their nutrients are mainly gotten from the sea. Their source of protein is mainly from the fish and occasionally from meat gotten from the sea and the forest.

   A wide variety of dishes ranging from foods to soups could be prepared with careful artistic combinations of sources of these food classes. And the Efik has alot of nutritional food and soups. Let's Checkout atleast 5 of the Efik dishes that's very nutritional and delicious.

 Abak atama

This delicious soup is the Efik analogue of the popular Banga soup of old Bendel, and the Ofe Akwu of the Igbos; the difference is the use of the flavoured herb called Atama. In fact, folklore has it that a Calabar woman's s food can rob a man of any thoughts of leaving. what I do know is that Efik dishes are 'd-e-e-e-licious'! And Atama is not left out.


 This is arguably the Efik's best-known export. It is a thick, delicious soup made with waterleaf and Ugu (Pumpkin leaf) and a selection of meats and seafood according to taste. The Edikaekong has vegetables that has vitamins and minerals. Served with swallows like the pounded yam, fufu or eba.

 Ekpang Nkwukwo

I like to call this one The cocoyam pottage; if you imagine regular yam pottage with cocoyam as a substitute,then you clearly don't know what efik people are capable of. very easy to make, just grate the cocoyam or water yam and then wrap in cocoyam leaves or another leafy green and then simmered with various types of fresh or smoked meat, fish, crayfish and red oil until it is cooked to perfection. Great taste

Fisherman soup

 Just like the name suggests, it is chockfull of seafood. History says the food was originally named by the fishermen by the seashore with whatever they caught during their fishing expeditions. Now all efik people adore it. Garnished with alot of aromatic leaves.


 The other popular Efik soup which is similar to Edikang Ikong. I like to call them "brothers in arms" because they share alot of similarities, but the difference is that the afang soup is cooked with an afang leaf called okazi. Not only is it super duper delicious, it is also highly nutritious. Double whammy.

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